About Us

About Us

Discreet, Honest, Intelligent, Professional Over 25 Years Investigative Experience

NIGHTHAWK PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS is a full-service, licensed private detective agency, established in 1990 by former military investigator, D. Wayne "Joe" Patterson. Built on integrity, intelligence, and experience, we have established a strong reputation throughout the state of California. We realize that for many of our clients, hiring an investigator may be a once-in-lifetime necessity brought on by circumstances that may impact the rest of their lives. When you hire Nighthawk Investigations, you can trust that we will do everything legally possible to positively affect the outcome of the investigation. The success of your case will depend largely on your investigator's skill, intelligence, resources, and integrity. Hiring an investigator is not as simple as buying a new television or choosing which restaurant to dine at because, unlike everyday purchases, there can be lifelong repercussions in making the wrong decision.

Some of the more high profile cases we've been involved with include:

  • Peo v Scott Peterson - 2002
  • The Disappearance of Chandra Levy - 2002
  • U.S. v Mark Christian Anderson - 2009
  • U.S. v Vang Pao, et al - 2009
  • Isaiah Fowler murder trial - 2013

Our investigators are required to stay current of the latest developments in areas that impact our fields such as law and technology. We are passionate about our work. We have a deep appreciation for the fact that each client that trusts us with their case is quite often doing so with their life on the line. We are members of the community as well, so rest assured that when you call us you won't be speaking to an investigator in another city or state that contracts out your file to the lowest bidder. You have our guarantee that you will be treated with respect and confidentiality. Once we agree to work together, all our resources, experience, and intelligence will be immediately put to use in your case.