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Order detailed background checks in San Diego, Modesto or San Jose, CA

You only want the most trustworthy employees for your company. Someone may look great on paper or sound convincing in an interview, but are they really telling the truth? Criminal background checks are some of the most effective tools at your disposal as an employer. Contact Nighthawk Private Investigations to run background checks in San Jose, San Diego or Modesto, CA.

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What are the major benefits of criminal background checks?

What are the major benefits of criminal background checks?

You spend a lot of time carefully choosing the best candidates for the job. Our background checks will:

  • Reduce employee dishonesty and fraud
  • Cut down on workplace violence
  • Increase applicant and new hire quality
  • Reduce employee turnover rates
  • Avoid negative publicity

Trust Nighthawk Private Investigations to reveal detailed, accurate background checks on your prospective employees. We also perform civil background checks at your request.