Don't Let Employees Take Advantage of Your Company

Catch acts of employee fraud in Modesto, San Diego or San Jose, CA

Workers compensation and other benefits are meant to protect your employees. But who's protecting your business from rampant employee fraud? Let Nighthawk Private Investigations get to the bottom of your workers compensation fraud case in San Jose, San Diego or Modesto, CA.

When people take advantage of the system, we find ways to expose them. Call 408-603-1850 today to start gathering evidence of workers compensation fraud.

Common situations involving employee fraud

Common situations involving employee fraud

There are many ways that an employee could be taking advantage of your company. Instead of confronting them without evidence, contact us if you suspect an employee is:

  • Faking an injury claim
  • Working a second job while collecting worker's comp
  • Stealing money or supplies
  • Breaching non-disclosure agreements

Nighthawk Private Investigations uses discretion and professionalism to get to the truth. Trust a private investigator with over 25 years in the trade to uncover employee fraud in San Jose, Modesto or San Diego, CA.