Cheaters Shouldn't Prosper

Launch an infidelity investigation in San Diego, Modesto or San Jose, CA

Do you have reason to believe your spouse or partner hasn't been faithful? The suspicion and distrust is enough to drive you crazy. Get honest answers to your burning questions. Contact Nighthawk Private Investigations to start a discreet infidelity investigation in the San Jose, Modesto or San Diego, CA area.

Pull away the veil on lies and deceit. We'll work closely with you during our cheater investigation to build a case file that can't be disputed. Call 408-603-1850 today to discuss the details of our infidelity investigation services.

Get the proof you need with a cheating investigation

Get the proof you need with a cheating investigation

Nighthawk Private Investigations has helped countless clients get the proof they need to institute a persuasive divorce proceeding. Especially helpful for couples who have been married for an extended period of time, a cheater investigation will:

  • Prove that the affair started prior to separation
  • Improve the odds of being awarded more assets
  • Impact child custody outcomes
  • Provide the motivation you need to leave your partner

We will search for hidden assets, track down vehicles, perform video surveillance and do everything necessary to get you the truth. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation in San Jose, Modesto or San Diego, CA.